Upper Shaping Series

CQ-2018 double-station vamp tilt forming machine

It is used for the tilt forming of the stitched vamp, riding boots, men's shoe heart-shaped pendant, large head vamp and sandal
1. It combines three functions in one: conduct tilt forming, pressing and ironing on the stitched vamp simultaneously.
2. This machine can conduct cold and hot forming simultaneously, which can make the vamp and lining achieve the effect of no wrinkle and no rebound.
3. Universal forming mold is suitable for all kinds of men, women and children shoes vamp.
4. Air pressure can adjust the rigidity of gasbag forming mold to get different tilt forming of the vamp.

Power voltage 
Total power 
Air pressure supply
Dual Hot Sources Forming 
Hot and Cold Sources Forming 
External dimensions
AC 220V/50Hz 

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