Heel forms Shoe Machine

CQ-580 Smart Upper Forming Machine

This machine is widely used for forming the cap and heel of men's and women's casual shoes, sports shoes, and safety shoes.
1. Air bag type external rubber mold; no need to change external mold for different types of shoes; only required to change the aluminum molds;
2. Quantitative steam control for hot upper die; lower die can reach up to 180C and cold die can drop to -100C (air bag type rubber mold also has cooling function);
3. Automatic shoe size adjustment and smart memory storage; adjust shoe size with just one touch on the computer screen;
4. Smart touchscreen control;
5. Integrating shoe cap and heel forming in one not only minimizes processing procedures and improves working efficiency but also saves plant space and cuts down labor cost.

Power voltage
Total power   
Air pressure       
 External dimensions
AC 380V/50Hz 

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