Sole Press Shoe Machine

CQ-350KP Planar Wall Type Press

1.The operating table is designed with ergonomic inclination and barrier-free feeding to make it easier for our employees to take and put shoes. It not only reduces operating intensity but also significantly improves production efficiency.
2.The presser foot adopts lever type automatic balance design, moves back and forth, and applies lever type adjustment to ensure easy operation and endurable service life.
3. The whole range of this machine, from size 14 to size 48, is able to complete pressing operation.
4.Smart computer screen controlled, this machine automatically sleeps under standby resulting in outstanding energy conservancy. It is also easy to operate on and understand.

Power voltage
Total power  
Air pressure supply
System pressure
External dimensions
AC 380V/50Hz
3500/8h 1.6x0.88x1.73(m)

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