Sole Roughing Shoe Machine

CQ-01-LG Roughing machine

Product features
1) the machine adopts special feeding and roughening design, which replaces the process of manual roughing, effectively improves production efficiency, product quality and saves human resources.
2) the machine is equipped with the dust removal function of high-pressure vortex air pump, which can timely blow off the dust and particles on the surface of rough grinding parts.
3) the machine has low working noise, convenient operation, safety, few faults and convenient movement.
2. Purpose and scope of application
The machine is suitable for irregular rubber sheet, leather, EVA and plastic roughening, so as to facilitate the subsequent gluing and bonding.

Power supply voltage: 3-phase 380V
Overall power: 3.5kw
Thickness range of machined parts: 1-16mm
Boundary dimension: 1230 * 800 * 1200mm

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