Special equipment for overshoes

FFS44-8 8-Station Back Bootleg Forming Machine

This machine is mainly used for the preliminary forming of the upper back part of various leather shoes, especially for the forming of high-grade leather shoes, embodying excellent performance of the machine. It can bind counter, stiffener and lining together to basically reach the shape of shoe last’s back part, preparing for next procedure, and after forming, both inside and outside upper surfaces will be firm and flexible without any crimple.
Structural features
For the utilization of advanced design and technology from Germany, the machine is of more rationality, accuracy, flexibility, safety and convenience in operation. Meanwhile, it is not only convenient in maintenance but also integrated with 8 working positions, making it more efficient than conventional ones.

Power supply
Total power
Air supply pressure
Cooling last temp
Heating last temp
Outline dimensions (L x W x H) 

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